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     ABOVE (L-R) Dorian Franklin, Irene Aitchison and Simon Exelby.

Organised by the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan Partnership, and supported by all the West Yorkshire Taxi Licensing Authorities, the event was mainly focused on safety and security issues and the way they affect drivers and passengers. It was also designed to let drivers and operators see, first hand, equipment from the UK’s leading manufacturer.

Mr Dorian Franklin, Managing Director of Cygnus Automotive, said “We had a successful show at Leeds last month and generated interest in CygCam, Cygnus’ in cab CCTV security system”. Visitors to the show were able to purchase the latest hand held TravelPilot Lucca MP3 Edition for 299 – an excellent discounted price, normally 449.99. In addition to the the same features as the TravelPilot Lucca MP3, it has full European mapping and comes equipped with a Smart Cradle for a convenient connection to car radios. As well as a fantastic price Cygnus’ offer included a free mini fridge worth 39.99 at no extra cost. This offer will be available while stock lasts.

So if you would like a fully transportable satellite navigation system, the TravelPilot Lucca MP3 Edition can be purchased direct from Cygnus Automotive on 01543 573912. The benefits of CygCam in-taxi security device are evident by the purchase of multiple systems by Corby and Bedford Councils to enhance the security of their local taxi operators. The features that enabled these authorities to become actively involved in the system were, the data protection management, use of video clips on removable storage media and sound recording. It helps to safeguard the driver and passengers against incident or attack and gives complete peace of mind. Also on show was a selection of the taximeter equipment for which Cygnus are famous. This included the new MR350, blue LED taximeter and the world beating MR400 taximeter.

These were linked to Cygnus’ own brand printer, the PT73. Our local dealer Mr Neil Carter from Mann & Overton (Leeds) came along to the show and supported the event. Cygnus Automotive would like to thank everyone who attended for visiting the stand at Leeds. If any of your questions were not answered at the show, Cygnus can be contacted on 01543 573912 or through any of their dealer network.

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