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When taxi drivers look to replace their present vehicle they often have special requirements and specific ideas of how the new vehicle should operate and perform. Apart from the vehicle having to be customer and user friendly it needs to comply with all the local and European rules and regulations. Apart from that, the car needs to have a better fuel economy, has to offer more comfort for driver and passengers and by no means least, needs to have longer service intervals that are affordable.

All of this had been considered by Malcolm McDonald of Newmains Lanarkshire when he chose to purchase the Voyager Le Cab Noir from The Taxi Centre at the beginning of September to get the new “56” registration. The Cab Noir is produced by Voyager Multi Purpose Vehicles, a family run business founded 20 years ago. The company specialises in producing wheelchair accessible taxis, minibuses and vehicles for the Taxi and Private Hire industry with considerable success.

Said Allan McGinnes, Sales Director of The Taxi Centre, “We have been dealing with Voyagers for 5 years and supplied many Cab Noirs throughout the UK. The versatile vehicles produced by them, combined with our ability to provide Taxi finance, delivery from stock directly to the customers front door, gives the customers the confidence not only in the vehicle, but in the whole sales and after sales process.” The technical specification of the Voyager Citroen “Le Cab Noir” include fully wheelchair access together with ramps and straps as standard. The taxi is designed with car like comfort and driveability and with maximum passenger and luggage carrying capacity.

The rear sliding seat gives great flexibility, sliding either forward for more luggage space, or back for more wheelchair room. A Cygnus MR400 meter which is calibrated and tariffed is included at no extra cost. The vehicle comes with a 2.00 HDi 110 bhp turbo diesel engine which uses fuel sparingly and efficiently, therefore reducing fuel consumption and running cost. The official manufacturers fuel consumption is stated as up to 52 mpg. Additional cost savings can be achieved by the recommended service intervals set at 20000 miles. The new improved bulkhead gives drivers maximum space and maximum visibility.

Commented Allan McGinness: “ The Voyager Citroen has an enormous space for wheelchair and passengers as well as luggage. When handing over the vehicle to Malcolm MacDonald he was delighted. We all had a smile on our faces, because the colour of the “Black Cab” was - blue. Of course we hope and wish that he will have many thousands of miles of good and lucrative taxing in it.

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